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The Zune HD Charger and A/V Dock enables Zune HD players to charge,sync, and play 720p high-definition videos on HDTVs. This Zune HDaccessory integrates Zune with your high-definition television andstereo speakers to experience high-quality audio. You can also sendmusic to your home audio system and control it via the wirelessremote control. The AC power adapter for this MP3 accessory allowsconvenient charging of the Zune, even when theres no computernearby. You just drop your Zune HD player into the MP3 speaker dockfor charging and syncing.

The software did a good job at finding all my music files and loading them up for me. It even found all the files I bought from iTunes – at least the iTunes+ files. The files were pre-arranged for me by artist, then by album. This was fine by me. Except for a couple of exceptions, all my iTunes playlists were set up by artist/album. It took about 2.5 hours for the Zune HD to charge, then I was ready to start registering the Zune and start installing music. But, not so fast!

and can i use any usb wall charger for a zune?

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Zune HD gets super heated while charging

I leave my Zune HD charging all night (not playing music,) and when I grab it in the morning it is really hot. What gives? Shouldn't the ZHD have some protection against overheating? On top of that, it wasn't doing this before this summer.


Gomadic Coiled USB Cable compatible with the Microsoft Zune HD.

Either concurrently or shortly after launch of the Zune HD, third-party manufacturers will begin offering compatible accessories for the new design, but as far as Microsoft-produced accessories for the player, users will be able to select from the Zune HD AV Dock, Zune HD Premium Car Pack, Zune HD Charge Pack, Zune HD Power Pack, Zune HD Sync Dock, and Zune HD Sync Cable.

Our new and redesigned 3rd Generation FM Transmitter for the Microsoft Zune HD will change the way you listen to music (and charge) in your vehicle forever! Imagine being able to listen to all the music on your Microsoft Zune HD directly through your FM radio in the car. Not only will our FM Transmitter pipe your tunes directly into the FM stereo; but it will also act as a powerful Microsoft Zune HD charger at the same time! Setup is intuitive; easy; and takes only a few minutes; and the results are amazing. Like all Gomadic brand products; this charging FM transmitter is built to last and is backed by our lifetime warranty. Buy with confidence!