The Road Of Whim

The Road Of Whim

Whim is understood to be not receiving the judgment one deserves. So let us assume that you’ve a teenage daughter who went with buddies for a night. You instructed her to become home by 10 pm or lose driving rights she turns up at 11:30 pm. What can or when your response be? To be able to educate her a lesson about behavior training and responsibility, you need to keep the word: suspend her driving rights. Can you suspend her rights if she states, “I am sorry. I had been getting a lot fun, I didn’t remember to check out time, after which going back, there is a road-block. This will not happen again please forgive me”? Maybe, not.

God in the infinite love and knowledge clearly stated to mankind (within the Garden of Eden), “You might freely consume the fruit of each and every tree within the garden- except the tree from the understanding of excellent and evil. By eating its fruit, you’re sure to die” (Genesis 2:16-17 NLT). Man disobeyed (see Genesis 3:6). What exactly should God do, or how should He respond? God’s judgment was: He put man from the Garden (man died he lost fellowship with God). Later, God with the apostle Paul declared, “The wages of crime is dying, however the free offer of God is eternal existence through Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23 NLT). The disposable gift sounds good it’s eternal existence, but how can we understand it? Within the book of Functions, we are told, “You both must repent of the sins and switch to God, and become baptized in the Jesus for that forgiveness of the sins” (Functions 2:38 NLT). Being holy, loving, and merely, God could keep His Word to punish unless of course there’s repentance on the part.

Quite simply, being holy, God won’t co-exist with crime-the reason behind separation in the sinner. His justice requires restitution for crime, which, from His passion for man, He provided with the dying of His Boy, Jesus. So repentance is really a game-changer God honors His Word and forgives our sins, restoring our damaged relationship.

If you are a parent or gaurdian who’s been disrespected with a teenage child, you could respond differently than other parents, and that is okay. However, there’s just one method for God to reply to us regarding our sins: either we repent and that he forgives, or we do not, so we die-become eternally separated from Him following this existence. Repent now, and escape the punishment you deserve for the sins-experience God’s whim today! Why today? Today is the day’s salvation, because tomorrow might be far too late for you personally.

Understand you are a sinner who deserves eternal separation from God (hell) after dying. Repent, put your belief in Jesus who died in your area. Become familiar with Him better through Bible studying and prayer.