Best online relationship course for women. “Women’s game by men’s rules”

Best online relationship course for women. “Women’s game by men’s rules”

Many women try to find a good man, build great long-term relationships and be happy. But unfortunately, most of the women don’t know how to do that. Nobody teaches you how to communicate with men or how to present yourself. All we have is some books and articles from theinternet with mutually exclusive advice.

That’s why Lana Romanova created an online relationship course “Women’s game by men’s rules” for women who want to learn how to find a decent man and how to build a healthy and happy relationship. Even if you have been a single for a while and if you are not sure you ready to date after divorce.

What makes this course unique? First of all, women receive materials every day. Secondly, it’s not just theory. Lana gives you actual examples every woman deals with. For example, how to deal with rude guys or how to respond to a guy who is asking you out. Thirdly, almost everyone can ask her personal question and Lana can answer it either on her website or during the program. Another thing whichattracts me is the price. You don’t have to spend aridiculous number of dollars on this course. I would say it’s probably the most affordable education.

Another thing I like about Lana Romanova is she is very straight to the point. No time wasting. She just says what to do and what to say. Actual direction without banal theory. For example, one day she was talking about thefirst date. Lots of us don’t really know how to behave and what to say to a guy. Yes, we know that we have to look pretty and we need to ask questions about his life, personality etc. But I was amazed how many mistakes we do right there, on the first date. For example, we talk about our past relationships, discussing our ex. But that’s not how we can hook up the new guy!!

I would recommend Lana Romanova’s online relationship course “Women’s game by men’s rules” to everyone who is wondering why are you still single, where good decent guys and how to find a good man for serious relationships, how to get married and even how to bring your ex back!