Some of the Common Examples of Sexual Fetishes

Some of the Common Examples of Sexual Fetishes

A lot of things or places on the body are there that turn on several people and these are known sexual fetishes. An example of fetish is latex fetish. For more information, you can visit the website Many people have sexual fetishes and some of the common ones are as follows:

Feet: It is the most common fetish depending on a body part, specifically among men. It is due to the fact that they lead to a leg that successively leads to genitals.

Shoes: For most of the men and for some women, it is a fetish. The heel shoes turn on lots of guys, whereas an attractive shoe put on by a man turns on some of the women.

Underwear: It is a common one as well that can be observed as the most perverted because, in some scenarios, obsessed men are discovered busy in scooping up underwear from the laundry lines only to fulfill their fetishes. You can get more information by visiting the website Some individuals undergo sexual excitement by wearing some special types of underwear. Some other individuals experience sexual excitement whenever handling or observing some particular types of underwear that are worn by another or in some scenarios, by watching somebody putting on underwear or taking it off which that might then happen to fall under the acts of voyeurism.

Navel Fetishism: It is common in men. Navel fetishism is a type, in which a specific body part becomes the main locus involved with sexual desire, frequently making the navel equivalent to the partner. However, this occurrence is mostly filed under sadomasochism.

Body Piercings: As most find bliss in pain as well as pain in bliss, body piercings might be a usual fetish. Although, it attracts more to the younger generation, lots of oldies have been observed to have this fetish.

Tattoos: It is another fetish just like the piercing. Lots of young individuals get sexually stimulated by only observing an inscription on the body.

Gerontophilia: The passionate sexual attraction that youthful men and women sense for older men and women can be eligible as a fetish if this borders on the obsessive.

Fetishism occurs whenever one is sexually aroused by something that has been in physical contact with the appropriate person. From their phones to their clothes, each and every object can turn you on. Katoptronophilia is termed as having sex in front of a mirror can truly turn you on.