Magic of tantric touch

Magic of tantric touch

Good sensation is directly associated with pleasure and this arises when you touch anyone on some spots. The feeling when someone moves fingers on head or smoothly rubs nails on back is awesome. This tingling provides a different energy that cannot be explained in words. Tantric Touch is also a set of goodies that can in increasing the excitement and with this kit one can easily generate these good feelings. There are different items that are included in the kit like nails, feathers and chains. Kino chain is also used to create these sensations and it is just fantastic.

  • Nails

Tantric nails can easily be placed on the tips of the finger and don’t worry about the fit because they come in various sizes. Gently move your fingertips after wearing these nails on the back of your partner and look the results. Start from the top and move it on other parts of the body as well.

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  • Tantric feathers

After using nails there is another option that is the best because it provides ultra-good sensation. Yes, these are feathers and they can easily be attached on the nails because the fittings are provided right on top of tantric nails. After attaching the feathers you can slowly move your hands up and down and this will work well. Tantric Touch will get activated in few movements and the feeling will lift your mood up.

  • Kino chain

This chain is a collection of small balls and it can easily be moved on the sensitive parts. The most favourite sections where this can be used is the middle section of the body, face and ears. After, using you will sense a cool and soothing effect.

These are the three things that are stuffed inside the tantric package and people can get this online. It is cost effective and there are no issues with the usage as well. The feeling that gets developed can easily be explained with the help of ASMR. This is a feeling that is generally notified by the static sensation that starts on the scalp and the slides down over the neck. There can be various reasons for this but in general cases, it is seen that this feeling develops by a touch. Sounds can also be the reason for this. There are no gender-based issues of this product because the main thing is that the partner requires pleasure.