The Most Important Things You Need to Know About lesbians

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About lesbians

Lesbianism is the type of relationship where a girl is attracted to other girls rather than men. That is, flirting and dating with other girls. You might recall the specific moment in your life when sexuality suddenly hit you but most of these girls don’t recall the specific moments they knew they weren’t straight. So, don’t judge or try to make them feel they are not part of normal society in any way. This is how they were born and you cannot change them to make them be straight in any way. Even if you try connecting them to a man, they cannot change rather they will be traumatized and ultimately try to hurt themselves, for example, committing suicide or anything to comfort themselves.

Mostly, this happens in schools, colleges, and campus where a girl starts having a crush on another girl. Being a lesbian can make one hide for a long time without opening up what you are to people and also to the world. It also makes one feel out of place especially when her peer girlfriends talk about their boyfriends. This can really traumatize someone a lot and may end up not performing well in school. As a parent or as a teacher is good to advise them regularly to avoid them falling up.

In today’s world, gay girls are faced with a lot of challenges. These challenges include:

  • All relationship advice for women is about men.

In the media, newspapers and also on the internet you rarely get advice on lesbian dating. What you get is advice from straight partners on what to do to have a good relationship. Therefore, people have forgotten about gay girls or they don’t want to get involved.

  • Straight girls avoiding themselves from lesbians.

This happens when straight girls criticize you and mock you by telling you not to hit on them. Gay girls are not attracted to every girl they see. They get attracted to another gay girl who they get interested in.

  • The types of questions asked to lesbians.

For example, ‘is you and your girlfriend’s sisters or best friends’. These questions don’t make sense to them because they are a couple and are dating.

  • People saying that they hate men.

This is untrue because they don’t hate men but they love girls. This kind of people was born to love girls and as well to date girls and not men.

  • Some countries have banned gay relationships.

In most countries, it is illegal to practice lesbianism and its punishable by the law. Recently, several countries have legalized it and we have seen people marrying their partners.

In conclusion, gay girls are just couples like any other relationship straight people have with their partners. One should not be denied the right to love any person he or she wishes or falls in love with. Being a lesbian is not a crime at all and people should understand and not hide it to the world. Therefore, as a lesbian don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t feel out of place. Live your life normally and don’t be afraid of what people say to you. That is who you are and nobody can change or make you be straight.