Alone or with Your Partner: A Complete Guide to Using Butt Plugs

Alone or with Your Partner: A Complete Guide to Using Butt Plugs

No ifs, ands, or butts about it, if you’ve ever even momentarily considered anal play, now is definitely the time to get a butt plug. Even though anal play has been used behind bedroom doors for years, those doors were generally locked, bolted, and never discussed. Today, we seem to be ever more aware of our burgeoning sexuality as people. What was once considered as taboo, or something used only by the gay community, we’ve now come to realize that butt plugs are for, well… everyone! The sheer volume of available products; sizes, colors, options (like flavors or vibration), materials used, and prices are more than enough to confuse and even discourage the curious consumer. But fear not, here’s everything you need to know to go from butt plug beginner to anal allstar.

Safety First

To ensure that your butt play is everything (and definitely more) that you hope for, be sure to follow these golden rules for selecting the best butt plugs and accessories:

  1. Always ensure that you use a proper butt plug

The anus, unlike the vagina, is the beginning to a really, REALLY long tube that goes throughout the body. Duh, you say, but this means that things not specifically designed for anal play can get.. ahem… lost. Not only that, but it’s a tube that’s specifically built for digestion, so anything you put up there can get easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why it’s absolutely paramount that you get your butt plug from a reputable sex toy dealer. Butt plugs should always have a wide base, and most come with a small handle or loop for easy retrieval. Glass or silicone are some of the best materials for toys. Both are non-porous and easy to clean. Silicone has added flexibility that keeps beginners comfortable, and glass can be heated or cooled for added adventure in the bedroom.

  1. Lube me up Scotty

I can’t stress this enough. LUBE, lube, and possibility, just to be sure, a little more lube. It may sound off putting, but just remember how nice it is to be slippery when hitting the sheets. It’s always more fun to be wet AND wild! The anus doesn’t self lubricate like the vagina, so to prevent injury, health risk, and discomfort, always have an extra big bottle of water based lube on hand. Using a water-based lube can help prevent damage to your toys as well.

  1. Relax

Remember that sex, and anal play, are a fun, sensuous addition to your bedroom skill set. Start small. Make sure that both you and your partner are ready and willing to explore all of the amazing sensations that butt plugs can offer. Although the sensation can be surprizing or odd at first, proper anal doesn’t hurt. Selecting a smaller variety of butt plug or an inflatable is a great place to start the magic. Go slow the first few times, and savor all of the new sensations that butt plugs can offer. As you build your confidence (and sex toy collection) you’ll find new and exciting was to use and move your butt plugs.

  1. Keep it Clean

Cleanliness really is next to godliness, if you’re looking to become the next Aphrodite in your sex game. Keeping your butt plug clean ain’t no thing. Most are easily cleaned with soap and water after use. Keep some tissues on hand to clean up any excess lube or discharge that may come out so you don’t have to call for a complete time-out after or during anal play. A common concern with butt plugs seems to be about what happens after you uncork. Usually, little or no mess is involved, but if you find yourself worried about it, butt plugs can be left in until you’ve finished your sexcapade and removed in the shower or over a toilet.

Knocking on Heaven’s (Back) Door

The anus is filled with delightful nerve bundles, so it can be stimulated in similar ways to the clitoris. Upping the O factor during sex with a partner, or with self love. Again, when you select a proper butt plug, it’s more than safe to use on your own, and can really turn a solo session into something you’ve never experienced before, and won’t be able to wait to experience again. If you’re looking to bring some excitement into the bedroom with a partner, butt plugs can not only enhance your own pleasure, but also increase the sensation for your man as well! Butt plugs place increased pressure on the back wall of the vagina, and decrease the available space in the pelvic cavity, making any vaginal penetration feel that much closer. It increases the pressure he’ll feel and can make it more stimulating for your G-spot.

Not Just for the Ladies

A lot of talk goes around about the clitoris, but what about the man’s G-spot? Don’t leave your man behind. What most don’t realize is that without some considerate anal play, they are depriving themselves of earth shattering orgasms. Butt plugs are a perfect addition to the bedroom for your man because with a little practice and patience, butt plugs can serve to stimulate his prostate. The prostate is a little gland that hangs out just behind the back wall of the lower intestine in men. This has been shown to be the male equivalent of the G-spot, which increases pleasure and power of orgasm with a few well placed strokes. When most guys’ think about prostate stimulation, the iconic American Pie scene comes into mind. While it’s not entirely bogus, that scene fails to encompass one reality: Most men’s prostate is located a little bit deeper than most fingers can easily reach. So even though butt plugs may look a bit intimidating to the anally uninformed male, they’re actually a really safe, and comfortable, way to reach his little piece of nirvana.

Butt plugs are a great way to spice up an ordinary sex life without having to go all out. Great for him, amazing for her, and absolutely divine alone. Follow this simple guide and you’ll be on your way to the biggest O in no time.