Stories of a Prague Escort

Stories of a Prague Escort

I am not a good girl. I don’t know that I ever have been. Maybe I am one of the few that don’t have such a sad story, but I don’t think that’s true. Many other girls who [are escorts] have nice stories and very much enjoy their work. I don’t think it is as dark and horrible as people like to make out.

Meet Lleena, a 26 year old Prague escort. While her name may not be genuine, the rest of her is absolutely the real deal. We wanted to know exactly what it is that goes on in the life of one of Prague’s high end escorts, and the dirt on getting dirty for a living.

We invited Ileena to out to coffee for a quick interview and it was immediately obvious that this woman understands sex, and not just understands it, but owns it. The way she gracefully glides across a room, making heavy, sultry eye contact with everyone she crosses paths with. Even the way that she perches at the edge of a chair, erect, stiff, almost formal, but with an undeniable undercurrent of sensuality, it’s no wonder that she is one of the top billed Prague escorts. It’s not offensive, the way she moves and interacts amongst people, but there’s no way you couldn’t take notice of her. Her charm and almost phermonal eroticism ensured that, man or woman, there wasn’t a dry seat in the house after she left.

Why do you say you’re “not a good girl”?


A slow grin spreads across her face, because I am not. And I never have been. I have always liked sex. Sex with men, sex with women. I don’t think it ever mattered to me, as long as I was being pleasured, that’s all I wanted. I began masturbating at a young age, I was very aware of my body, even before I was fully developed.


She is definitely developed now. Although she wears expensive business casual attire, there’s no denying the buoyant curve of her large breasts pressing against the fine fabric of her blouse. There’s no telltale bump of underwire separating that firm curve from sliding into the flat plane of her stomach. She smiles, noticing me noticing her figure.

This is how I became an escort. I loved my body. I loved exploring it with my hands, looking at it in the mirror. As I got older, it was obvious that other people loved my body too. They all wanted to touch it, to see it. And that was something I wanted to give to them. I was so hypersexual, I ached for anyone who looked at me with desire. I had become an exotic dancer when I was 17. I was very good. Men would give me money for nothing, just to sit and be with them. One night, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen came into my club, she asked me for a private moment. I would have given her everything right then if I could have. I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anyone. She told me that she would give me 5000 euros to accompany her to her home. I didn’t even want the money, but she insisted. I think, now, that that was the part she liked. I think it made her feel powerful to be able to buy the things she wanted. Being paid for was the same for me, it made me feel powerful and wanted. I gave her everything she desired and more. Knowing that she had chose and paid for me, my body and my time, was the sexiest thing anyone had ever done. I never felt used or disgusted, it was the opposite, I felt powerful, and sexy, and loved.


That was almost ten years ago, do you still feel the same way today about your clients?


Most of them, yes, absolutely. As an escort, you get to make your choices. You get to decide if the client is right for you, and if you are right for the client. I have always been a good judge of character and take many precautions for my own safety. Clients call for many different reasons, it’s not always about sex, some just want to be loved, and I love to love people. It makes me feel good [doing what I do]. My clients are wonderful people. They are not damaged or horrible. Some want fun, others want a companion, but I think most just want someone to spend time with. Someone who doesn’t want anything except to spend time with them. It’s very professional. When the time is done, I leave and ask nothing else of them. A client can book time as he or she pleases, and not have to worry about sending me flowers later or remembering my birthday. It is simple.


Does it ever get lonely?


She laughs, a gentle, glittering sound that you can’t help but join in with. Her silky hair falls into her eyes and she confidently brushes it away. No, no not at all. Never. I have had relationships during my time as a Prague escort. As long as my partner understands not to interfere in my business, and I don’t interfere in their own, we get along just fine. But even when I am single, I never feel alone. My job is to make people happy, how can that be lonely? There’s that laugh again.

Do your parents know?


My father died when I was very young. It took me a long time to tell my mother, at first she was very upset, but now she sees that I make good money, I am safe, and I am happy, and that’s all she wants for me. I don’t think she has told her friends though.


Have you ever struggled with drugs?


Have you? It’s funny, very many people ask me that. I guess in a way, yes, I am addicted to them. Happiness is a drug. Sex is a drug. They make you feel good and release many chemicals into the brain. If you say it that way, I am the worst kind of drug addict. A lifer. But as far as pushing things into my veins or up my nose, no. Those are not pretty. They do not make for a pretty person. I will party with clients, responsibly, if they ask and I feel like it, but it is not an ugly thing.


How much money do you make per year, on average?


With this, a cheshire grin spreads across the hollows of her perfectly formed cheeks and reaches up into the pools of her dark green eyes. A gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells.


Watching Lleena slip through the cafe and towards the front door was just as heartbreaking as it was alluring. All heads turned to watch this event, like the world turning its head skyward to see the celestial beauty of a comet, only observable once in the lifetime. The enticing curve of a perfectly shaped ass, dripping down into the gorgeous slopes of olive colored skin covering long legs, poised perfectly into the sleek edges of black pumps, pulled at the senses and concentration of every person in the room. But there was something more than just watching a beautiful woman walk away. With her, so went a warmth and happiness. Lleena was the type of person who made you feel like you could conquer anything. That made the mundane and boring somehow fun and fresh. She had that bewitching majesty that seemed to absorb all of your troubles and demand more. She feels like destiny. No part of the dark sadness that you expect to accompany a lady of the night was traceable. She was perfection, and by god, she was for hire.