Tips for Pussy Eating

Tips for Pussy Eating

Most of the time men fail to realize how they should treat their woman. Either they don’t have a clue on what to do, or they suck at it literally. Some men don’t like eating pussy, but in case you didn’t know women love oral sex. Go down on her and see how much you turn her on as you drive her crazy like never before. There’s nothing more liberating than appreciating your woman’s womanhood. She feels appreciated and not taken for granted.

When eating pussy, it could go wrong if you have no clue what you are doing down there. Lousy pussy eating leads to bad sex, and no one wants that or do we? It could lead to hate for instance. So what do you need to know before eating pussy? Follow this cunnilingus guide to become a king at oral sex;

Don’t be in a rush

Well like doors, orgasm, and ladies come first. At no point should you be in a hurry to stick it in. Take time in the foreplay before doing anything else. It turns you on and arouses your partner significantly. It’s essential that you explore your partner’s body and find her sensitive body parts. Caress and make her want you more before touching her pussy. Go slow on her, kiss her sensitive areas and concentrate on them. The slower you do it, the better. At some point, she will be dying for you to eat her pussy, don’t disappoint.

Ensure you comfortable eating pussy

If you care about her, you should be ready to treat her like a queen. Women often take longer to orgasm or reach their pick as compared to men. In most cases, penetration alone may not necessarily give her an orgasm. So, it’s good to get comfortable before you eat pussy. It would look bad if you ended up falling on the floor while eating pussy.

Pay close attention to your partner

How do you know if you are hitting it right? Well, it’s simple. When eating pussy, pay attention to whether she is moving her body or whether she thrusts her pussy to meet your tongue. Apart from moving her body, a good indicator you are doing great is if your partner is getting wet, moaning or her clit getting swollen. If she pulls your head closer to her pussy then keep going you are doing everything right. See how your partner reacts every time you do something that way you should know what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Be patient

Women, unlike men, take longer to get fully aroused and to get to a state of orgasm. So get cozy, comfortable and bring your A game in. Don’t stop eating pussy unless your partner asks you to. Remember you might stop just when she is about to orgasm, and that is quite unfortunate.

Sex is all about pleasure, and you should enjoy every moment of it so ensure you please your woman and satisfy her. Also, women love to be heard. Listen to your partner and do what makes her feel great.