No Strings Attached: A Deeper Look into UK Escorting and Its Seemingly Sudden Popularity

No Strings Attached: A Deeper Look into UK Escorting and Its Seemingly Sudden Popularity

While the profession itself has been around for thousands of years, recent reports find that 1 in 10 British men have paid for sex, and the reasons might surprise you.

Whether the thought of UK escorting thrills and excites, or disgusts and revolts, avoiding the topic all together seems nigh impossible in today’s world. With television shows, books, films, and even news reports constantly teeming with information regarding the UK escorting practices, it’s difficult not to take notice. So what is with this new found popularity and press preoccupation? We took a deeper look to find out exactly why the UK escorting business has become so popular.

UK Escorting: Who becomes an escort?

While some sources still insist only the destitute and downtrodden turn to selling their bodies in exchange for cash, the mainstream market of UK escorting businesses beg to differ. Self-empowered and self-actualized women from all over the globe have turned internet savvy and stopped to grab a piece of the liberating pie that can be sex work. Some women report earning almost £2,000 per week and describe comfortable, if not enviable, working conditions. In the UK, kerb crawling and pimping are both illegal practices, leaving more women to turn their sights onto acceptable and contemporary business practices.

Women’s rights groups and even the English Collective of Prostitutes have banded together to support legislation that empowers sex workers and keeps them from having criminal records, or health issues, that could put a black mark on their lives forever. The World Health Organization also reports that the legalization and DE stigmatization of prostitution actually serves to lower the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. Giving women more power to choose who, when, and how, making it a safer endeavor for both the escort and the customer.

UK Escorting: Who uses escorts?

Surprisingly, reports have confirmed that single men, aged 25-34 are the most likely demographic to pay for sex. This comes as a bit of a shock to the more common misconception that it’s usually an old, lonely, and often hideous, man that pays sex workers. In the age of instant gratification and living life at speeds generally reserved only for rockets destined for space, it’s no wonder that many of the men paying for sexual encounters are young professionals.

“It’s much simpler to just hire someone,” one young pro and UK escorting patron admits. “I’m incredibly busy, and I just don’t really have the time to faff around with the dating world.”

This sentiment is mirrored in many young professionals today. With employer expectations seeming to ever increase work demands, we definitely live in an I need it yesterday culture. And where does that leave us? Waylaying our own needs for those of our careers. Fast food, fast coffee, fast internet, is it any shock that we are now requiring fast sex? With the pressures of our twenties in full swing, it’s obvious why we choose to put more focus on building a future than we do on supplementing our present.

UK Escorting: Why are escorts so popular?

UK escorting has become increasingly popular due to a myriad of reasons. From the burgeoning sexual rights of women, to demanding schedules that require more money from less time, it’s no wonder that both the supply and the demand of UK escorts have skyrocketed.

With escorts, specifically when discussing the average client that is a young professional, single or in a relationship, sexual frustrations become a transactional release. Intimacy is more easily achieved with someone who has absolutely no stake in your personal endeavors. Making sex into a business allows definitive lines and clear cut expectations to be discussed up front, with little to no surprises or variation- which is incredibly attractive to some people.

“It’s very rarely just about sex” One of the UK escorting purveyors responds. “With many of my clients, it’s more about intimacy and release. It’s much easier for them to trust in my confidences than those of someone who is in their lives for more than just money. I have no opinion on what they should do, and that allows me to calmly listen, and offer a sounding board for anything they need to get off their minds.”

So maybe it should come as a shock that one in ten British men have paid for sex, however, it seems to all fit very nicely. It’s understandable, why a woman would choose to use her body for any way that she sees fit, and it’s also perfectly reasonable that any man should want an easy and reliable way to find relief from what life throws at them – no strings attached.