Dating and Chat Rooms

Dating and Chat Rooms

Dating and chat rooms have changed over the years somewhat. Forget all about expecting a man to pay for a meal or drink. The rules really have changed – read more to understand fully what to expect.

  • Don’t be too modest

No one likes a bragger or being too modest. Keep it simple and humble. Being confident is something else, but arrogance no one really likes.

  • Stating the obvious

Yes, we all like to be with friends. Stating the obvious is generally overlooked. Keep it simple. Original stands out and being more specific about your interests catch the eye – so work on it. The more detailed information you add about yourself the more you sound interesting to others.

  • Don’t mention ex partners

This goes without saying. Nevertheless it’s surprising just how many people mention their ex partners to their new potential mate. We all have a past, but keep it under wraps.

  • Don’t get too demanding

We all have our ideal partner, and depicting a wish list isn’t the best way to go about it. If someone is 5’2” but you specified 5’7” it’s not exactly a deal breaker. Keep it real and don’t be too picky.

  • A photo is a must for success

Posting an advert without a photo is generally a bad idea. If you want a huge amount of interest without having to sift through a lot of profiles then post a photo. This way the photo acts a filter in itself. Others will only contact you if they like the looks of you, which is a step forward. It’s also a very good idea to post at least 3 photos. One photo is generally suspicious, and make sure it’s recent.

  • Chat sites

In general a chat site can be good for online dating. Especially webcam sites that enable you to see exactly who you are talking to in real time. This instantly helps you gauge a feel for who you are getting to know and a great way to build a friendship online first, while breaking down the nerves of going on that ‘first date’.