Sexy Business Tips

Sexy Business Tips

If you want to build and run a successful escort agency, make money from it and have it last for a long time instead of just being a quick flash in the pan, then there are some things that you have to think about seriously. But, honestly, those things that you have to think about and put into action are actually no different than for pretty much any business. You can be running a recruitment agency, a training business, a computer consulting business or an escort agency and basically the issues are the same. But with the additional fun and joy of sex, ego and – all too often – drink and drugs.

So, if yiu want to be a success with your escort agency, you have to think about the same issues as any other business leader and entrepreneur. The first is marketing. If no-one knows about you, then you have no clients and without clients you have no business. In the case of most escort agencies that means building a good website and working the heck out of search engine optimsation. Second, you have suppliers. In this case, that means the Marbella escorts that you are going to represent and sell to the clients. Unlike most products or services, if you run an escort agency you will be working with a product that can say “no” or change its mind.

In this way, escort agencies are more like recruitment agencies or talent agencies than they are like retailers or antyhing else. You have to manage the talent well and keep them on board. You need them to take the jobs that you want, with the clients you want, where and when you want, and to pay you the commission that you want. And you cannot force them to do any of those things, so you have to be persuausive.

Clients, to be honest are often the easy part. If you have a good website and it ranks high enough on the search engines, then you will get enquiries. The trick though, is the next element which is staff. You or your receptionists have to be knowlesgable enough, motivated enough and skilled enough in sales and customer services to turn the one off enquiry or booking into long term repeat business. That is the key to making your escort agency a long term success.