How the escort services appeared

How the escort services appeared

The world adapts according to the evolution of technology. This is the case with the oldest trades in the world, such as prostitution. Historically recorded from ancient times, when practiced in sacred temples, as a sign of offering to the deity, prostitution has seen new forms in modern times. Such a modern form is represented by escort agencies.

Escort services offer clients sexual services in the form of employees who accompany clients who use the agency services. An escort can also work for an agency or on their own. Agencies can have single-sex or all-female escorts, including women, men and transsexual escorts. The overwhelming majority of clients for such agencies are men.

Escort services

The origin of escort agencies is not well documented. Much of the research has focused on defining or understanding this business and the motivations behind it. However, the general opinion of the industry is that escort agencies appeared in the 1960s in the form of agencies offering ladies to men’s who wanted to be accompanied at weddings, parties, theater, dinner, etc. As demand and supply have been affected by this business model, the agency has expanded to offer other services of a sexual nature. Some believe that this has happened to the owners of the agencies to get more profits, while others say that women, influenced by additional revenue, have negotiated the provision of additional services.

So it is that over time, these agencies have specialized. Some have only female employees, others are specialized in transgender escorts, etc. In addition, some escort agencies attract top celebrities (usually from adult movies). Escort agencies, like Amsterdam escorts, are very well organized: they offer services locally or in other cities (even hard), attract their clients through Internet advertising, newspapers, etc. In return for the publicity and constant flow of customers, the escort offers its services and pays the agency a percentage of the hourly earnings. This percentage varies from agency to agency.

An escort service in New York can range from $ 300 / hour to $ 2,000 / hour, depending on the selected escort and the type of “services”. However, in smaller US cities, prices are lower. For example, in Savannah, Georgia, the hourly price varies from about $ 150 to $ 350. Once a prospective client appeals to such an agency, a background check is performed, usually by the person who picks up the phone calls, to determine if the client is “eligible”.

Customers can be asked for the phone number of work, address, home number or social security number to determine if they really are the person claiming to be, and not an undercover police officer.

While ordinary prostitutes are more exposed to dangers, escorts are more educated and often live double lives.