Professional rooms and BDSM offices

Professional rooms and BDSM offices

Watching professionally prepared porn stories, you can be tempted to use the characteristic, richly furnished room for BDSM practices. When we see all this in the film, the interiors of such rooms seem to us quite surreal and inaccessible to our own imagination. The truth is, however, that they are the most realistically designed interiors for sophisticated erotic practices like humilatiions or gangrape porn. In this type of room must be everything that modern connoisseurs and connoisseurs of sex will not be able to do without. Some ideas, because they are shocking, additionally stimulate the imagination of all those who are ashamed of unusual desires, hidden in the remotest recesses of the soul. In BDSM rooms, you can fuck in every possible position and using the most sophisticated boosters. Not without significance is also specially designed furniture, which is hardly found in home salons.

Space, the feeling and freedom in sex

Contrary to appearances – these are connected vessels. Psychologists and sexologists have long said that the more space around us during sexual practices – the better the mood during and after intercourse. Having unlimited spatial field around us during sex we simply open up more. In porn movies we can observe specially designed, high-class leather armchairs, in which you can comfortably sit back and apart legs, showing the most intimate areas of our body. You can also choose suspended places for the passive side, called slings. They are usually attached to solid chains hanging from the ceiling. A solid layer of leather, from which the resting place is composed, allows you to feel safe and stable.

Everything to stimulate fantasy

Who said that the only piece of furniture for film sex is only a bed? In many professional BDSM offices, one of the main attractions is a rotary wheel attached to the most representative wall. You can attach the side that is the recipient of pleasure to the wheel with leather bracelets and shackles. The wheel resembles somewhat similar forms used once in the circus, but in practice it is certainly much more convenient. In BDSM rooms you can also use solutions such as:

– locked with a padlock cage
– frames around the whole body of the passive side
– stocking for forging
– hanging pipes
– closing crates – e.g. for foot fetishists
– wooden constructions for hanging

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