Things to know about interracial relationships in Kenya

Things to know about interracial relationships in Kenya

If you are looking forward to be in an interracial relationship in Kenya, here are few things to keep in mind. 

There is always something new to Learn

The beauty in interracial relationship is the chance to learn from your partner who comes from a different background. You will learn a lot about the culture, language, food and lifestyle of your partner.

Make sure you learn as much as possible in order to understand your partner. It will also help if you see the beauty in difference. Appreciate your partner’s culture and sometimes can participate in cooking traditional dishes. 

Interracial dating is not tied to specific races

Interracial dating in Kenya is not tied to particular races. Asians, Africans and Europeans are interested to date Kenya women and men. I will bet you have seen so many European-African couples and thought that only these 2 races like interracial dating.

Do not let other people’s opinions affect your relationship

Many of your friends and family will not approve you dating outside your race. The worst thing you can do is to care about their opinions. Only you know why you are dating someone from a different race.

Be prepared for unsolicited comments. You will need some quick responses if one makes some funny comments about your interracial relationship though you don’t owe anyone an explanation. 

Opposites attract

People of different races attract each other. Interracial relationships are now common in Kenya. With the advent in technology, people of different races are getting to know each other and date.

Interracial Dating in Kenya is not for secure people

Like I mentioned before, not everyone will approve your interracial relationship. If you are one of those people that are insecure, please do not enter into an interracial relationship.

Some people will think you are not a couple or you may get snide comments about your partner race. While you may be attracted to a certain race, you need to care less about opinion of other people.

It is absolutely crucial to be aware of this before entering into this kind of relationship. 

What matters is love

True love is worth fighting for. There is a lot to celebrate and teach each other when it comes to a couple that comes from different cultures. Visiting your partner’s family will be a new experience which will be fascinating to learn.

All these differences and things to learn about each other can deepen the love you have for each other and make your relationship stronger.