You Need To Know About Lubricants

You Need To Know About Lubricants

I used to think that the lubricants were sexual a kind of take it or leave it, probably because my first encounter with the lubricant was quite unpleasant. When I was 15, my first boyfriend brought me a bottle in a desperate attempt to convince me to do things to the fullest. Although I agreed to continue the experiment, the lubricant I had chosen became incredibly sticky and sticky just moments after application. For years, that was all: I figured that all lubricants must stink.

Eventually, however, I began to learn to stimulate myself to orgasm, and I quickly realized that my body could not produce enough vaginal lubrication to facilitate the intense thrust of the dildo I craved. I realized that the friction sensation I had experienced during penetration up to that point could be avoided with the help of a good lubricant. In addition, there were many good lubricants out there.

Even if you self-lubricate in massive quantities or have a large amount of saliva, you can also benefit from a personal safe body lubricant: later, the essentials and what not to do with the happy use of lubricants, along with some of My favorite product selections.

When it comes to sex, no matter what you enjoy, you can usually play according to the rule: the wetter the better. This logic works, well … fluidly when it comes to lubricating because wetting is exactly what you are getting.

And if you associate the lubricant only with vaginal dryness, it’s time to get out of the box. Instead, think less friction, softer skin and better sex in general, regardless of gender, age or stage in life.

In fact, according to a study from the University of Indiana, 70 percent of the 2,453 women surveyed said the lubricant made sex more pleasant and enjoyable. Carli Belau, LMSW and a sex and relationship therapist in New York City, confirms that “needing a lubricant does not mean that you are not interested in your partner.”

Once hidden surreptitiously in the drawers of the bedside table, only to take it out during those drier sex sessions than Chardonnay, the lubricant emerges from the shadows and takes center stage. But now couples use it to improve the good sex they are already having,” says Linda Banner, Ph.D., sexual and marital therapist in San José, California.The cold lubricant in a hot body increases the sensitivity of the skin. Insert a bucket of lubricant (Durex Play Quiver, $ 7, freeze-free lube buckets) into the freezer for two hours, then trace cold traces on the other’s stomach, back and legs. Unlike real ice cubes (which leave it cold and wet), these are heated to the temperature of your body, so you can go directly to sexual intercourse, says sex therapist Sandor Gardo’s, Ph.D. You don’t have cubes at hand? Cool a bottle of lubricant in the refrigerator and spray the cold liquid over each one’s hot spots.