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More About Guys Who Ditch Girl They Like

More About Guys Who Ditch Girl They Like


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All right, back to more of the other section about men who dump girls they’re into. These further answers may surprise you—or not. I know they surprised me.


His Timing and Yours Might Not Be as Synced as You Think

“Say what?” I hear you ask.

Well, say you’re a little further ahead in your career than he is. You’ve landed a plum spot in your company and he’s still an intern doing “go-fer” jobs like an actual gopher could do. He might feel a little self-conscious about that.

Also, women get serious about men when they find the right one. Men get serious when they’re ready to settle down, and that often comes after all the other aspects of his life are in order: grad school, decent job, living on his own—or even simply because the rest of his buddies are also finding mates and he decides to get on that bandwagon. I can understand how a guy would want to get his “ducks in a row” first. It is a very practical way of thinking, and not necessarily romantic in a hearts-and-flowers kind of way. Sometime after marriage Questions of Couples increment. But on the other hand, I personally like a guy who’s forward thinking like that, and wanting to make himself financially secure, whether or not he gets with a girl. Showing that he wants to better himself financially, and not constantly scrape by, is romantic in a very practical way. So if a guy breaks it off with you and cites reasons that he’s not financially ready, in spite of your sadness, give him major props for him wanting to improve himself and his life.

They Might Not Be Finished Playing the Field

Many men have this thing about being competitive and pulling one-uppers on each other and themselves. If they’re with a really great girl, but then they see a hot chick, they might be giving her the once-over, wanting to know what being with her is like. No, it is definitely not a “nice guy” mentality. And then there’s the whole notches-on-a-belt thing. Some guys think they have to get with as many women as possible so they know they’ve sampled every possibility, sexually speaking. Of course, the keyword is “some.” Not all men are like this, of course. But in case you get one that’s got a roving eye, and he dumps you, chances are he’s not quite grown up enough to settle down with one girl.

They Fixate On the Worst-Case Scenario

This was mentioned elsewhere, and it seems to be a thing with guys every time you ladies bawl them out for something or even do crazy things, like eat a crap load of ice cream in one sitting. (Personally, I’ve never quite understood the eat-ice-cream-from-the-container thing that most women seem to go for. But then that’s just me).