When it’s your engagement, you want everything to be the best because after all, it’s the first milestone of such sort in your life. You are excited, you are overwhelmed but most importantly, you are anxious because you can’t seem to find your dream engagement ring. Worry not, because we have got you covered.

For all the bridezillas out there, we have narrowed down top places where you can buy exquisite engagement rings from:

  • Blue Nile

Largest retailer of white diamonds, Blue Nile is famous for its stunning designs and variety of products. The company bears no physical location and sells engagement and wedding rings at very competitive prices. The Blue Nile has a contract with diamond wholesalers from all around the world and possess the largest collection of loose diamonds. 

  • Le Vian Corporation

Looking for a unique offering but don’t want to spend a fortune? Chocolate diamonds are your best bet. Le Vian corporation’s chocolate diamond pieces are eye-catching, intricate and beautiful. Ever since being endorsed by multiple celebrities, an endless number of women are now opting for chocolate diamond rings on their engagement and wedding. Chocolate diamonds are brown diamonds, possessing deeper shades of brown. Make a style statement with your engagement ring by choosing a bespoke piece from Le Vian corporation. 

  • Costco

Costco is famous as the wholesale retailer. With more than 600 locations in about 9 countries globally, the company has earned a strong reputation because of its pricing, return policy and exceptional customer service. Costco provides diamonds in the prices of internet retailers in their stores. Costco has one of the best return policies that allow you to get a refund within 30 days and have the cash in hand. Costco, however, has a limited collection that other big retailers.

  • Tiffany & Co.

Most popular American diamond company, Tiffany & Co. has been creating engagement rings since 1886 and provides only top-notch quality. The company has a wide variety of designs and the presentation of the ring is impeccable. The experience of the jewelry is usually top of the line, from the in-store carpets to the ribbon on the ring box. 

  • James Allen

James Allen has totally transformed online diamond buying experience by providing 360-degree HD videos for every single piece from their collection. You can spin the diamond around to get an elaborated view of the gemstone and the design. The company also has a vast collection of fancy shaped and colored diamonds.

Where Can I Get Stunning Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings From? 

Le Vian Corporation is an expert provider of bespoke and stunning chocolate diamond jewelry bearing mind-blowing designs and cuts. If you are looking to become the talk of the event and shine brighter than everyone else, choose a beautiful and delicate chocolate diamond ring. This way you can get engaged over a diamond promise without breaking the bank. Visit to create a custom design for you suiting your requirements and budget.