Might Your Wife Be Cheating on You?

Might Your Wife Be Cheating on You?

When you feel as if you married the woman of your dreams, thinking she may have another man can be quite unnerving.

That said how do you go about finding out if in fact she is seeing someone else?

For any guys in such a predicament, it can be hard to get to the bottom of the matter. Then again, some cases will be rather easy to unfold.

So, might your wife be cheating on you?

Where Do You Start the Investigation?

In trying to answer the question of is my wife cheating on me; here are a few ways to go about your investigation:

  1. Change in behavior – Have you noticed any significant changes in her behavior? These can be everything from not communicating with you as often to being gone from home a lot more. It is important you not jump to conclusions right away. Keep a cool presence of mind when thinking about these things as difficult as that might be.
  2. Social media chatter – Has your wife been big with social media over the years? If the answer is no, why now is she spending a lot of time on Facebook or other popular sites? Could she be communicating with someone on social media? If she has a locked account and you do not follow her, it will be hard to determine who she might be talking to.
  3. Not making big plans – Have you and your wife talked about a vacation or two down the road? If so, have those talks come to a halt? This can be a sign that she is not thinking about plans for the long term with you. It would be wise to bring up those vacation talks and see what she has to say about them.
  4. Spotted in another location or locations – If it is unusual for your wife to go out much, why now is she going out often? It may be a case where someone you know spots your wife or her vehicle in a different part of town on one or more occasions. If those trips are not related to work or something else she would often do, will you confront her about it?
  5. Follow the money – Last, have you and your wife been using a joint credit card account or accounts to pay for things? If so, is she not doing this any longer? It may be that she is trying to hide meeting up with someone for meals or other expenses. While you are both entitled to your own credit cards, any unusual financial patterns by her can be a concern.

When your spouse pulls away, it can definitely be unsettling among other things.

It is important for you to not right away think she is in an affair.

Be as calm as possible and investigate what may be going on.

In the event you discover she is in fact involved with someone, it is up to you to decide what to do next.

Do you try and save the marriage or come to the conclusion it is time to move on?